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Love . Care . Support

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Mission – To show Christ’s love to the community through acts of service.


  • reaching out to the needy in the community.

  • mobilizing the church to serve the community.

Carmel Community Services Ltd. (“CCS”) is an affiliate of Carmel Presbyterian Church. CCS works with community partners like Pasir Ris Student Centres, Orange Valley and Jalan Loyang Besar Neighbourhood Committee (JLBNC) on projects to serve the students, seniors and the community in Pasir Ris respectively.

  • Pasir Ris Students Centres: ad-hoc projects will be conducted during school holidays;

  • Orange Valley visits: quarterly visits involving church members and community partners;

  • JLBNC: providing an open space for the neighbourhood for activities like interest groups and other events.

23/3 (Sat)
Orange Valley visit – Abraham & Moses + worship team
28/6 (Fri)
Orange Valley visit – Youth & Young adults w PR01 kids + worship team
7/9 (Sat)
Orange Valley visit – Gideon + worship team
20/12 (Fri)
Orange Valley visit – carolling w PR01 kids
18/4 (Thu)
Easter event @ PR01

Every Thursday Morning
Activities happening in church

9 a.m
Five Stones
9.30 a.m
11 a.m

Come join in two hours of fun playing traditional games together with a group of game enthusiasts. Any age welcome!

If you are interested to volunteer in ad hoc projects at the Pasir Ris Student Centres or participate in the visits to Orange Valley nursing homes, please contact us to find out more information.

使命 – 通过社区服务来展示基督的爱。


迦密社区服务(“CCS”)是迦密堂长老会的附属机构。 CCS与Pasir Ris学生中心,Orange Valley和Jalan Loyang Besar邻里委员会(JLBNC)等社区合作伙伴合作,分别为Pasir Ris 巴西立的学生,老年人和社区提供服务。

– Pasir Ris学生中心:在学校假期期间举办活动;
– Orange Valley:每三个月教会成员和社区合作伙伴会探访Orange Valley疗养院的长者;

– JLBNC:为邻里提供空间,作兴趣小组和其他活动和聚会的场地。

如果您有兴趣参加Pasir Ris学生中心的临时项目或参加Orange Valley疗养院的探访,请联系我们以获取更多信息。

23/3(周六)Orange Valley 探访 – 亚伯拉罕组,摩西组+崇拜团队
28/6(周五)Orange Valley 探访 – 青少年,成年人,PR01儿童+崇拜团队
7/9(周六)Orange Valley 探访 – 基甸组+崇拜团队
20/12(周五)Orange Valley 探访 – 颂歌与PR01学生中心的孩子们
18/4(星期四)复活节活动@ PR01学生中心

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