God is Love

God is good!

My mom shared that last week she felt sinful because sometimes she is too straight forward with her words and may have offended people. She felt sometimes it’s better not to join any activity in case she would say the wrong things. She prayed a few days to God to ask for forgiveness and asked God not to 撇开她 (desert her).

Then one morning she woke up and found a used envelope (she usually puts some on her table to scribble stuff on).

On it was printed :
“Jesus loves you, Yew Siok Chin” (my mom’s name).

She was so surprised and touched!.. Later on during the day when she tried to look for the envelope, she couldn’t find it. She shared that it was like a miracle… 😀 like God was assuring her she is loved and treasured!

Father knows us and loves us.. 💖 just like we would praise and assure our child who is feeling insecure or down, our God knows our inner thoughts and struggles! Amen!

Written by Eeli Pua, edited by Susanna Pua

God Loves Me – 12th February 2020

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